Le Cadeau Cuvees

Beginning with the 2004 vintage, Le Cadeau began producing three small-production Oregon Pinot noir cuvees, each made from particular sections of our vineyard. The initial cuvees – Côte Est, Diversité, and Rocheux – were made from the original 1999 Pinot noir plantings. In 2005, additional East-side fruit came into production. As these vines matured, in 2006 fruit for the Équinoxe cuvee became available. Starting with the 2009 vintage release, we’re excited to introduce the Merci cuvee.

Côte Est Pinot Noir is produced from fruit grown in the cooler East-side of the vineyard, Équinoxe Pinot Noir is from the center crest of the vineyard, and Rocheux Pinot Noir is from the rocky West-side. Diversité Pinot Noir fruit primarily comes from an assortment of mixed-clone blocks at the North end of the vineyard, and two small parcels at the South end of the vineyard. The fruit for the Merci Pinot Noir cuvee is from an assortment of new plantings of “heritage clones” – initially Mt. Eden and Calera, with Swan and Jackson clones being added to the cuvee blend in 2011.

Each cuvee parcel is consistent from vintage-to-vintage, except where new blocks of Pinot noir have been planted and come into production. The fruit is typically harvested for each cuvee over a series of at least three picks, and often four picks. The stressed vines growing in the rocky soils of the Rocheux section are typically picked first. The cooler Côte Est portion of the vineyard is picked last, along with the center Diversité block which is at 725-feet elevation and is East-facing.