Vineyard photo

Le Cadeau Vineyard is located on the Southern tip of Parrett Mountain, near Newberg, OR, in the Chehalem Mountains AVA. The 14-acre, high-elevation (610’ – 725’), vineyard was developed and planted with a singular focus of growing distinctive, complex, estate Pinot noir for Le Cadeau.

Le Cadeau Vineyard was carved out of a forested, rocky hillside. The cleared area in the picture above represents approximately 22-acres of the total 28-acre property.

From the beginning, it was our goal to make only single estate-grown Oregon Pinot noir wines. In working toward this goal, we were fortunate to have a site with considerable variation in topography and soils. In some cases, variability can create farming issues that result in inconsistent fruit quality. However, in other cases, careful “micro-farming” can overcome issues that might otherwise affect fruit quality – and at the same time provide assorted fruit profiles that present the opportunity to make a range of unique and exciting Pinot noir wines. This has been our approach at Le Cadeau.

The topography of the vineyard has many slope aspects that in turn impact microclimates and ripening of the grapes. In addition to varied slope aspect, Le Cadeau vineyard features an assortment of soils. For the most part, the vineyard soil types are in the Jory – Nekia – Witzel series, with most of the soil being Witzel (very shallow, rocky, broken basalt). However, the East-side vineyard soils have considerable organic material, and one experienced grower commented that the soil in that section of the vineyard looked like a cross between Jory and Willakenzie.

In planting Le Cadeau vineyard, we’ve attempted to match rootstocks and Pinot noir clones to soils, slope aspect, and microclimate. At this time, 14-clones of Pinot noir are represented among our plantings, along with 5-root stocks. Each Le Cadeau cuvee is made from particular sections of the vineyard that are comprised of specific soil types, slope aspect, and Pinot noir clones.