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Le Cadeau Vineyard
August 22, 2019 | Le Cadeau Vineyard

A Few Words on Witzel

We recently hosted a great group of writers at the Le Cadeau estate vineyard, where owner Tom Mortimer shared a lot information on soil, clones, and the history of the video. Check out this video for a few words on the special Witzel soil type we have here on the southern tip of Parrett Mountain.

Vineyard tours are available by appointment and are a great way to connect with our beautiful wines. Contact info@lecadeauvineyard.com for more information.

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Le Cadeau Vineyard
August 20, 2019 | Le Cadeau Vineyard

Veraison at the Vineyard

veraison at le cadeau vineyardVeraison at the vineyard!

Portions of our vineyard have begun this distinctive color change that signals the onset of ripening. During veraison, the vine transports energy stores from the roots into the grapes. Acid levels begin to fall and chlorophyll is replaced by anthocyanins (in red grapes) or carotenoids (in white grapes), as well as sugars and other nutrients. It's also really pretty. 

Next stop: harvest!

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